July 18, 2014

My Simple Dream

I’m not a girly girl—I’m quite independent for my age and I don’t really believe in love at first sight like many of my girl friends. I don’t ogle jocks or hunks or whatever. Boy band members don’t make me want to scream at the top of my lungs. I’ve always thought of myself a little bit boyish since I was little.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have my own family, or that I haven’t thought about weddings and falling in love. I have—many times. I’ve always imagined that my first marriage will be my last. I’m neither a hopeless romantic nor a fan of “promises of forever”, but ideally marriages are supposed to last a lifetime. That’s what I want. I haven’t actually thought of my dream wedding, like what the motif would be or which flowers I’ll choose for the bouquet—all I’ve dreamt of is that it will be the happiest day of my life, no matter where or when it happens because I’ll know that it will be the start of a new chapter together with my chosen partner for life.

June 14, 2014

Too many siblings, too many fun

My parents married in 1971. They always tell stories about how they met and how they really planned to have a big family. We are 12 in the family: my parents and their 10 children. Well, we are not children anymore. We are full grown adults with families already.

Family planning is popular nowadays but we also choose to have big families. Our siblings and I experienced the extraordinary happiness when you have too many siblings. We think that having a lot of brothers and sisters somehow give us extra strength to face life and make it easier. The love of too many is a blessing.

There may be many conflicts and misunderstanding in the family but we all stick together in the end. We have differences but that made us even stronger. Having many siblings means having many friends, too. No matter where we go, we will always have each other.

May 15, 2014

My Husband’s Special Day

I have been thinking for the past week the best gift that I can possibly give to my ever loyal and lovable husband. I have already given him the best gift that I can give him which is my heart but I still think that I need to give him something material.

He is a big super hero fan. He collects action figures from Marvel and DC. I thought about giving him one but too expensive. I am actually working on a specific budget so buying him that is out of the list. So I’m thinking of giving him a shirt with a personalized design. His birthday falls a day after Valentine’s Day which for us is double celebration so the gifts must be extra special. I have been doing reservations and gift searching behind his back so I won’t ruin the surprise.

Hopefully by tomorrow I have figure out what to give to him on his very special day. I just hope I find something that he likes and one that he can use.

Giving My Mother a Break on Mother’s Day

I am lucky to have my mother as my mother. Why? Because first of all, she’s very caring and she cooks really good! She’s really on-hand with us. We are 4 in the family including my father and she never fails to give all that we need.

So this mother’s day, we gave her a little break, we took her out and brought her to the spa to get some sauna and massage, I also installed an eldermark point of care software on her smartphone because she’s starting to be forgetful. I am sure it’s going to help her a lot! We are all happy that she enjoyed the day. I know she deserves to pamper not only one time in a year, so I think we will do this to her more often.

March 15, 2014

Commune With Nature And Find Peace

I am a worrier. If I don’t get my stress levels in control, my body responds in not so pretty ways. For example, I’ve had stomach ulcers and I’ve been depressed. To cope with the demands of my job and my family, I’m very busy and there are times when I forget to have some “me” time.

There are several activities that keep me sane. If talking to my friends doesn’t cut it, I go take a hike. I would visit a nature park usually. Sometimes, I bring my daughter with me. She is very talkative and funny. She will keep me entertained for the entire walk.

Many times, I walk alone. I make sure that it’s daytime and I inform people where I am. By doing so, I find time to be relaxed and to take a step back before the situation overwhelms me. I think it’s the smell of the air and the quietness of the trek that make me calm. I highly recommend it.

I Play the Music

I began playing the trumpet in school when I was 11. It’s really fun and I took it more seriously than other kids at school, but I still did not practice at home since it’s boring. I was trained to match the notes on the page to notes on the fingerboard that’s like learning the alphabet, but I could not see the outcome then as being poetry.

So I decided to give it up when I went in to the middle school and in due course learned to play the guitar. I can play any song I liked! I have a proper instrument and got tablature from guitar center, so I think that I don’t need anything else in this world.

March 7, 2014

Polio Shots Must Be Repeated

During my last physical, when my doctor was checking how up to date I was on my shots, I was extremely surprised that I needed another polio vaccine. Today, we hardly ever hear of polio victims in the western world, and many believe that polio is beaten. Everyone should know that polio is not gone, it is still out there, and we need to have a polio vaccines as children. It is necessary to be retreated if you plan to visit an area where polio is still active, like Africa, or if you are a healthcare profession that might encounter the disease. As I volunteer in a hospital, my doctor decided I needed another update.

Children should receive the vaccine in four doses. These are usually delivered with other early vaccinations. The first dose is given at 2 months, and the second at 4 months of age. The third dose is at 6 to 18 months, and the final booster is given at the age of 4 to 6 years. All children must have the vaccine before they start school. The push to vaccinate the children of Africa is ongoing, but is often a difficult fight due to the fear of some cultures that the vaccine is dangerous. The vaccine given should be made from an inactive or dead form of the virus and people cannot develop polio from the vaccine.