January 6, 2015

Falling Off When Running

Falling off is hurts. Yes it does. I have small feet so I often sprain my ankle. It is not a nice feeling what so ever. But, because of those small feet I almost got into trouble when I was running one time and I fall down in a sit position. My mother is really worried. She said it is dangerous for anyone to be fall sitting. I told her that it’s okay and I just bruise my butt.

Thank God that I am okay. When I am older, I know that fall sitting is really dangerous. I have an MRI 2 years ago and the result is great. I have no problem with my back. The orthopedist told me that the reason my waist hurts so much is because I sit a lot. So he recommended me to walk around every 1-2 hours. I work in front of computer so sitting is a must. The doctor is right that I have to work out more for my health.

December 23, 2014

How to Look Younger

Detox, detox detox. Going to your dermatologist can only do as much if you are not taking care of yourself. Like eating right and exercising at least three times a week. Eat foods that have natural detoxifiers in them. Fruits and veggies and oatmeal that will help with your lower your cholesterol levels also. Do not let the tiring hours in the office stop you from doing a couple of hours of exercise per week. Even a three hour exercise can do wonders for your skin and your health.

Looking young is everyone’s favorite goal. Hence the Fountain of Youth. What a lot don’t really get is, it’s practically at the edge of your fingertips and it’s free. Loving yourself gives you that certain glow that no one will ever give you. Self loathing induced by a lot of reasons can disappear by a simple reminder that you are the best person to love you.

October 27, 2014

My Husband’s Special Day

I have been thinking for the past week the best gift that I can possibly give to my ever loyal and lovable husband. I have already given him the best gift that I can give him which is my heart but I still think that I need to give him something material.

He is a big super hero fan. He collects action figures from Marvel and DC. I thought about giving him one but too expensive. I am actually working on a specific budget so buying him that is out of the list. So I’m thinking of giving him a shirt with a personalized design. His birthday falls a day after Valentine’s Day which for us is double celebration so the gifts must be extra special. I have been doing reservations and gift searching behind his back so I won’t ruin the surprise.

Hopefully by tomorrow I have figure out what to give to him on his very special day. I just hope I find something that he likes and one that he can use.

September 3, 2014

Field Trip Without My Parents

I was in the eighth grade when I took a study tour trip to another city without my parents. Because, it is my first trip experience without my parents, I know that I have to do everything by my own. Sometime I wish my mother accompanied me, but I know that I am also a big girl. I have a great time with my girlfriends.

The accident happened when I was at the beach and my feet stepped into a rock. I hurt my heels and blood is rushing everywhere. There are no teachers around. The piece of the rocks pierced in to my skin and I have to use some needle from the pin to get it out. Thankfully my feet feel better after I manage to get it out. I asked my friend to tell the teacher, but unfortunately no teacher coming to the rescue. But, that day I know that I will be fine on my own. I just don’t panic and solve the solution once at a time.

August 9, 2014

Street Styles to look forward to this year

Taylor Tomasi Hill and Caroline Issa are ruling the catwalk with their bold style talents. A lot of street styles are going leggings and prints for bottoms and great cotton blouses with fabulous cuts. Speaking of bottoms, you may also go baggy with Alexander Wang pants of leather and leather accessories.

Going silver chains on shoes are also street style savvy. Banlenciaga and Cole Haan shoes are ruling the footwear and shining silver shimmers all over the urban streets. Prada is joining the glammed out streets with their printed dresses of fruity colors and mustard cheques, to which the two are still matched with silver chained shoes.

The City abloom with prints of geometric and fruits, extreme I agree and yet works perfectly and demanded by the public. You may also suave up your street wardrobe with cotton shirt, geometric printed circle skirt and a pair of sweet stilettos with a sweet bow.

July 18, 2014

My Simple Dream

I’m not a girly girl—I’m quite independent for my age and I don’t really believe in love at first sight like many of my girl friends. I don’t ogle jocks or hunks or whatever. Boy band members don’t make me want to scream at the top of my lungs. I’ve always thought of myself a little bit boyish since I was little.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have my own family, or that I haven’t thought about weddings and falling in love. I have—many times. I’ve always imagined that my first marriage will be my last. I’m neither a hopeless romantic nor a fan of “promises of forever”, but ideally marriages are supposed to last a lifetime. That’s what I want. I haven’t actually thought of my dream wedding, like what the motif would be or which flowers I’ll choose for the bouquet—all I’ve dreamt of is that it will be the happiest day of my life, no matter where or when it happens because I’ll know that it will be the start of a new chapter together with my chosen partner for life.

June 14, 2014

Too many siblings, too many fun

My parents married in 1971. They always tell stories about how they met and how they really planned to have a big family. We are 12 in the family: my parents and their 10 children. Well, we are not children anymore. We are full grown adults with families already.

Family planning is popular nowadays but we also choose to have big families. Our siblings and I experienced the extraordinary happiness when you have too many siblings. We think that having a lot of brothers and sisters somehow give us extra strength to face life and make it easier. The love of too many is a blessing.

There may be many conflicts and misunderstanding in the family but we all stick together in the end. We have differences but that made us even stronger. Having many siblings means having many friends, too. No matter where we go, we will always have each other.